Home Romance When The Cat’s Away (Sunnydale Vets Book 6) by Austin Bates (ePUB)

When The Cat’s Away (Sunnydale Vets Book 6) by Austin Bates (ePUB)


When The Cat's Away (Sunnydale Vets Book 6) by Austin Bates (ePUB)
“He broke my heart…and I still haven’t gotten over it.”

The youngest in a large family, omega Andre always thought he’d be settled down and having children by now. It was going to be perfect – him and Jude and their brood, their own happy ever after. But Jude left… and Andre has never quite been able to move on from him. When Andre’s brother Sunny needs a manny to care for his son Haydon, Andre believes that being the best uncle in the world is the closest he’s going to come to his own child for a long time.

“I didn’t mean to hurt him. I was just scared – but now I’m ready for so much more.”

Andre wasn’t the only one that Jude ran out on – the expectations that he would take over his parents’ bakery also weighed heavy on his shoulders, and faced with so much responsibility, Jude started to unravel. But he’s back now to reconnect with his parents… and with Andre. Because sometimes you have to lose what you really want in order to understand that it’s been there all along.

Welcome to Sunnydale Vets, where love is the best medicine, and all it takes to fix your problems is the willingness to roll up your sleeves and get to work. This heartwarming book features mpreg, delicious baked goods, one insightful little boy, and a second chance for the triumph of true love. This book and every other book in the Sunnydale Vets Series can be ready in any order.

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