Catalyst (Dogs of War #4) by J.M. Madden (ePUB, MOBI)


Catalyst (Dogs of War #4) by J.M. Madden (ePUB, MOBI)
Raine Walters loves her nursing position at the Elton building. Though she hasn’t been on the job long, she’s seen and done some amazing things.
Because the men at the Elton building are not your average military men. They’re elite soldiers that have been tortured and experimented upon with an incredibly dangerous drug. The men are struggling to find balance as they work out their new abilities and recover their vitality.

Unfortunately, Haven, one of their most dangerous residents, leaves the facility behind to rescue a woman Raine isn’t even sure is real.

Noah Cross is settling into his new position at the Silverstone Collaborative as a patient liaison at the Elton building. No more bodyguard work for him. At least he thinks. When one of the patients escapes the recovery building Noah volunteers to go after him. Unfortunately, that means working with the beguiling young nurse he might have kissed recently.

Now they have to work together to find Haven and put out any imaginary fires he creates. But maybe they aren’t so imaginary, and maybe the woman they’re looking for is the catalyst of the entire Spartan program.

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