When You Came Home With Me (Blue Shore Book 3) by Wendy Silk (ePUB)


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She was a hard working waitress with more than her share of secrets.
Cici was doing everything she could to save her tips at the roadside bar so she could open her own catering business. She didn’t need anybody new in her life. One long night with Tim, though, gave her the most precious gift she’d ever known.

But just when she got used to being the only parent to her sweet toddler, Tim came back into her life..

He was a man from the wrong side of the tracks who wanted desperately to forge a new life for himself.
Tim had grown up with plenty of trouble. He swore he’d never run from anything ever again. He wanted Cici desperately, but he didn’t realize that sticking around might be out of his control.

When Cici and Tim meet again, sparks fly between them. Tim doesn’t know that Cici had dramed of her hometown just as much as he’d dreamed of her. She knows she can’t make up for what happened there years ago. Nothing means more to her than protecting her baby, even if it means keeping the truth from Tim.

Tim is sure he can find the way to win her heart. But can he be a father?

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