Business as Unusual by S.W. Mann (ePUB)


Business as Unusual by S.W. Mann (ePUB)
It was supposed to be just business as usual…

Well, I’m in trouble.I woke up in a strange apartment, next to a super hot guy whose name I can’t remember, and to make matters worse, I’m late for a meeting with a mysterious new client who seems to be made of money.
He’s got it all: super cars, private jets, boats, apartments…
Aaaaand turns out I went to bed with his son.
The one whose name I can’t remember? That one.
The one I completely forgot locked inside the apartment because I was in a hurry? Yeah… That one.
Mr. Hotness.
But now my client’s meeting has been canceled, and he is furious because they wasted his time.
So, he decides to pay me one million dollars to spend one month with his son until he returns.
Yeah…Things just got a lot more complicated.

This is S. W. Mann’s third novel, written in a fun, lighthearted way that will make you laugh out loud, gasp and cry until the sweetest Happily Ever After.

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