Breaking Beauty (Twisted Tales) by Teresa Mummert (ePUB)


Breaking Beauty (Twisted Tales) by Teresa Mummert
Mason Locke had everything. Men wanted to be him. Women wanted to be with him. Then he lost it all. With a quick temper and a long memory, he was willing to wait for the perfect moment to take his revenge. It didn’t matter who got in the way. He was content to live the rest of his life alone if it meant he could right the wrongs of his past. But then he met her.

Annabelle Emerson was running from a life she wanted to forget. There was nothing she wouldn’t do to put it all behind her. That included making a deal with the devil himself if it meant she could finally escape the pain she’d been running from. But then she met him, and she began to question who she could rely on and what she really wanted out of life.

She knew she shouldn’t trust him.

He knew she would only get in the way.

But together, there was no one who could come between them. Even with the lies and the anger, there was something no one could have predicted… they were destined to be together.

Breaking Beauty is an adult retelling of the classic fairytale Beauty and the Beast. It is the first in a series of standalone novels by the New York Times & USA Today bestselling novelist Teresa Mummert. Each work features a childhood fairytale with a grownup twist, sure to make readers recapture a piece of their past while satisfying the needs of their matured tastes.

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