Boys of Summer: Men of Fall by K.M. Raya (ePUB)


Boys of Summer: Men of Fall by K.M. Raya (ePUB)
They say you never know what you have until it’s gone, but I’ve always known what I had.

I’ve never not known my Boys of Summer. They’ve been right here every year–like steady trees standing strong and larger than life, rooted in the earth and just waiting for me to come back to them.

Two long years have passed since I’ve visited the beach town they call home. The family my mother nannies for packed up and moved clear across the country and we followed. But after a chance encounter leaves my flighty mother with a new, wealthy husband, my life is turned inside out once again as I find myself standing on the shores of my childhood summers.

I expected them to welcome me with open arms the way they used to… but I quickly learned that my sweet, sun-kissed Boys of Summer have grown into the cold, unfamiliar Men of Fall.

This is a #whychoose Contemporary Second Chance romance that deals with light bullying, strong language, dark situations and possibly triggering content. 18+ due to sexual content and situations. (Everyone involved in sexual acts is over the age of 18.)

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