More Than A Boss (The Heartland Series Book 1) by Jill Downey (ePUB)


Allie Rose never expected to be starting over again at the age of 38. And she definitely didn’t expect to find herself falling in love with her boss, the sexy and gorgeous Zane Dunn. Rich, powerful, and confident, Zane has aimed his attention on Allie. She knows she should resist, but a dangerous and compelling case means spending long and intimate hours working together. Things are heating up, in fact they are becoming downright steamy. Will she be able to resist temptation?
When the firm hired Allie Rose, Zane Dunn had no idea that it would take all the self-control he could muster to resist the alluring woman he now found himself working alongside. The impossibly long hours together are wearing him down. Zane always prided himself with keeping his personal and professional lives separate. Period, no exceptions…that is until now. He is starting to believe that all bets might be off. The more time he spends with Allie, the more he feel he is losing control, and that he really doesn’t give a damn. Temptation has never felt so right.

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