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Boss Me Forever by Cameron Hart (ePUB)


Boss Me Forever by Cameron Hart (ePUB)
“Do you like when I kiss you here, little Luna?” I ask as I continue trailing kisses up and down her slender column.She whimpers in response, making me growl into her skin. She tilts her neck, baring the soft flesh to me. I feel like a wolf, needing to sink my teeth into my prey.**

LUNA: I may have lied on my resumé. Just a little bit. I mean, everyone does it, right? And who needs a degree to be a personal assistant, anyway? Besides, I’m desperate. Being the legal guardian of my 17-year-old brother is challenging enough, but with this lymphoma diagnosis? Let’s just say I’m almost at my breaking point. So, yeah. I fudged a bit. Turns out, I’m really good at my job, even if my boss is cold and harsh. And sexy. And gorgeous. And mesmerizing. Oh, yeah, and did I mention sexy? Get it together, woman! I need this job, so absolutely nothing can come of my little crush. Not that he looks at me in that way at all. Though sometimes I wonder…

DECLAN: What was I thinking, hiring little Luna? She came in for an interview and I swear I hardly heard a word she said. All I could focus on were her eyes. And her lips. And curves. And how she was so small I could put her in my pocket and carry her around and protect her from every bad thing. But I’m not that guy. Never will be. I regret hiring her as soon as she shows up for her first day on the job, but I can’t fire her thanks to the board breathing down my neck. Luna is all bright colors and smiles, whereas I’m more of the monotone, growly type. I shouldn’t want her. I shouldn’t think about the curve of her lips or the way she smells like oranges and vanilla. I shouldn’t even be considering making a move. But one phone call changes everything.

BOSS ME FOREVER is the first book in the BOSS ME series. Each book can be read as a standalone. Luna is colorful, sassy, and just what Declan needs, though he doesn’t know it. As with all of my books, there’s no cheating, plenty of steamy Kindle melting action, and a guaranteed HEA! This book has an OTT alpha, a quirky heroine, spicy love scenes, and enough sweetness to give you a ca

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