The Boss: Book Five (The Boss #5) by Cari Quinn (ePUB)


The Boss: Book Five (The Boss #5) by Cari Quinn (ePUB)
Librarian’s Note: This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN: B01AAMZBG0

I used to be a good girl. But I’m not anymore…

Because of him—Blake Carson. My nemesis. My boss. Now my lover.

My teacher in so many dark, delicious things I never knew I would crave.

My protector, though I never asked him to be my savior.

Now he’s determined to push me away, yet he still wants me under his lock and key. Supposedly to keep me out of danger. He’s dominant, stubborn, and sexy as hell.

I want him almost as much as I’d like to slap him.

Except maybe he needs saving more than I do. And the one to save him will be…me.

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