Bonded by Fae’s Magic (A Shadow Lane Academy) by Amelia Wilson (ePUB)


Bonded by Fae's Magic (A Shadow Lane Academy) by Amelia Wilson (ePUB)
I used to think my job, as a lead teacher at Shadow Lane Academy, was the most important thing in life. . .

Now, I’m just trying to survive.

When the Sentries—mysterious, mechanical, witch-hunting monsters—threatened the safety of the magic school, my father, the headmaster, brought in the Sentry-fighting superstar, Crew Wrathshore.

But Crew brought many secrets with him; secrets about himself and why he’s really here. . .

The Sentries are after a specific target at Shadow Lane and they won’t leave it alone until they get what they want.

To protect my school, my sister, and myself, my only choice—and maybe my only hope for survival—is to work with Crew.

But will his secrets put us all in danger?

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