Home Romance The Blind Dragon: A Gay Shifter Romance by Noah Harris (ePUB)

The Blind Dragon: A Gay Shifter Romance by Noah Harris (ePUB)


The Blind Dragon: A Gay Shifter Romance by Noah Harris (ePUB)
Welcome to Drake Street. A cultural hub where artists, performers (and a few manic depressives) have found their home, or at least, their haven.


According to my benefactor, Clara Anaheim, I’m the most exciting thing that’s about to happen to the art world, and Drake Street. As a dragon shifter, I’m also part of Drake Street’s underground flight, Clara’s very own dragon community of needy outcasts.

Being an artist isn’t glamorous. A new guy every other night, attracted to my art and not me. No one to reassure me that my art isn’t as empty as the dozens of wine bottles scattered around my apartment…

When Shaeffer arrives at Drake Street, I’m sure he’s just like the others. His eyes light up when he looks at my art, and at me, but I can’t trust it, I’ve been down this road before.


On Drake Street, I’ve been able to make myself into something I’ve always dreamed. My past, the old Shaeffer, is all behind me. I don’t have many friends and no family. Here on Drake Street, I’m alone, surrounded by beauty, culture—and him.

Modeling isn’t fulfilling, but it pays well and I’m wanted… but not for who I am. I can hide behind this façade easily enough, and I’ll never let anyone close enough to hurt me. But there’s something about Konrad that makes me want to demolish all those walls I’ve spent so much time building.

When an accident with a pyrotechnic display leaves Drake Street’s most promising talent blind, Clara calls for the community to rally behind him. But Shaeffer is the only one who volunteers to care for the injured dragon.

Can these two wounded souls work together to forget the past? Or will old hurts drive them apart…

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