Her Billionaire Saviour by Anne R. Boyden (ePUB)


Her Billionaire Saviour by Anne R. Boyden (ePUB)
Today’s definitely not my day. I got fired from my job where I’ve slaved away for three years for one stupid mistake. All my dreams about becoming a fashion columnist went down the drain pretty quickly. My old, beat-up car is on its last breath and now I have to crawl back to my little hometown with my tail between my legs.
You’d think this is enough for one day. But nope, my car just swerved on an ice-patch and I’m pretty sure I’m about to die from frostbite in this ditch. Until I see him.

Who in their right mind is driving in this snowstorm? Well, besides me, but let’s be honest, you don’t build a media empire being a sane person. The moment I see a glimpse of an old, red car buried in snow, I know someone’s in trouble. When I notice her deep, soulful brown eyes, my world turns upside down. Little vixen knows how to play games. Lucky for her, she doesn’t know yet that I make the rules.

Author’s note: This is a short, over-the-top, steamy insta-love romance with an alpha billionaire who saves the day and a smart and independent heroine. No cheating, no cliffhangers, only a guaranteed, big Happy Ever After!

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