His Belt (Part Nine) by Hannah Ford (ePUB)


His Belt (Part Nine) by Hannah Ford (ePUB)
His belt. He wants it around my wrists, against my backside, marking me and making me his…

My boss Elijah Armstrong is cruel and calculating, bruised and beautiful, equal parts hot as fire and cold as ice. He’s also a dominant. And I am so not a submissive.

I know I should say no, should walk out of his office and never look back.

But he’s magnetic, and the dark desires and secrets he keeps are like a drug. He makes me want to get on my knees, to bend over his desk, to call him “sir” whenever he demands.

Every slash of the belt bonds us, every time he pulls me close or takes me to the edge melds our hearts.

But Elijah and I both have secrets.

Secrets that could not only destroy our love, but will put our lives on the line and face us with a devastating choice: Face our long-buried demons together. Or lose each other forever.

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