Beast in the Woods by Sadie King (ePUB)


Beast in the Woods by Sadie King (ePUB)

My fortune was built on taking what I wanted when I wanted it. When I meet the wide-eyed Mya she seems like an easy victory. I’m drawn to her innocence and her curvy body. But she’s woken something deep inside me, something primal, something that would ruin her innocence without thinking twice.

It breaks my heart to push her away, but she deserves better than a beast like me.


Since I became legal guardian of my little sister three years ago, she’s caused me nothing but stress. Now that she’s a rebellious teenager, I’m forever running around after her trying to keep her out of trouble. Then I meet the mysterious heir to the Bancroft fortune with the wicked reputation, and suddenly I’m the one being led astray.

It’s Halloween, the moon is full, and the beast inside him is craving my body. Luckily, I’m ready to discover my dark side.

Beast in the Woods is a short and steamy romance featuring an alpha male and curvy younger woman.

Book three in the Filthy Rich Love series. Each book in the series is a standalone. No cliff-hangers!

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