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Baking Magic with Aquafaba by Kelsey Kinser (ePUB)


DELICIOUS EGG-FREE BAKED GOODS USING THE MIRACULOUS BEAN WATER – 100 delicious sweet and savory recipes – Authored by classically trained French pastry chef An egg replacement so good it can be used for merengue, aquafaba is the breakthrough ingredient bringing never-before-tasted texture and lightness to vegan recipes. Gone are the days of crumbly vegan cakes, unsavory ice creams, and cracker-like cookies. With aquafaba, vegan cooks can create fluffy baked goods or rich savory dishes without the help of eggs. This transformative ingredient is as versatile as it is tasty. It can be whipped up into pie fillings, fresh creams, and delicious icings. For the savory chefs out there, aquafaba can be used to replace fats and oils in aoilis and cheeses, without sacrificing texture or flavor. As malleable as egg whites only animal-friendly, aquafaba is the ingredient that will revolutionize the vegan kitchen

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