Too Bad… It’s Complicated by Emma Vikes (ePUB)


Too Bad... It's Complicated by Emma Vikes (ePUB)
Had our parents never gotten together, I would’ve been with her. As a couple, we would’ve been amazing. Too bad it’s complicated now!” – Patrick Cunningham

Britney Baldwin, the gorgeous golden-haired daughter of Senator Christopher Baldwin and the future heiress of Baldwin Stocks is completely off limit.

But Patrick can’t stop thinking about her.

She is epitome of grace, beauty and sensuality. And every time his eyes land on her, all he can think is how much he wants to mark her as his own.

Pat knows that acting on whatever feelings he has for Brit will be his downfall because she is his step sister.

But one event.

One announcement.

One night of mourning of her heartbreak leads them to bed, probably fueled by liquid courage or by their own insatiable desires for each other that both have kept hidden for so many years.

They decide that it will remain an untold secret between them, but there’s something Patrick needs to hide from Britney – a Bigger Secret!

What Is It???

“Too Bad… It’s Complicated” is the second book in the Too Bad series of standalone contemporary romance novellas with no cliffhanger, no cheating.

If you believe in “Happily Ever After” with a high dose of steamy love sequences and suspense, that will raise your heartbeats, then you will love “Too Bad … It’s Complicated” by Emma Vikes for sure.

Are you ready for a wild ride with Pat and Brit?

Then grab your kindle and your favorite bucket of ice-cream and dive in!

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