Bad Boys (Arcadia High Anarchists #2) by Max Henry (ePUB)


Bad Boys (Arcadia High Anarchists #2) by Max Henry (ePUB)
Lacey Williams: Good Girl.

At Riverbourne Preparatory, that title made me desirable. All a rich boy wants is a pretty and obedient woman on his arm. And I was most definitely both of those things.

But at Arcadia High? Being a good girl made me a target. I became a trophy for the spoilt, an end-of-year reward for those willing to play the game: bad boys.

Each side wants me so the other can’t have me. Schoolyard bullies who fight over the same damn toy.

The city kids have arrived to reclaim what’s theirs, and the country? Well.
Those boys sure don’t give in without a fight.

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