Aztec Alpha (Aztec Alpha #1) by F.R. D’Angelo (ePUB)


Aztec Alpha (Aztec Alpha #1) by F.R. D'Angelo (ePUB)
The Aztec Alphas

Azkin’s world was shattered when his parents were killed in a terrible accident five years ago. When the chance to bring them back is offered to him, he accepts.
But there are stipulations with that offer. As the true Aztec Alpha, he must unite two packs—the Beta Omega pack and the Theta Alpha pack, uniting them under one pack, building the new Aztec pack.
However, Azkin never wanted a family or a pack, let alone lead one. He loves living in the human world as an Accountant. Going back to this world alone is not an option he wants, but if he must, he wants to take his best friend Zain with him.
Zain is undercover as an Accountant, he is also a member of the Alpha Protection Squad, a unit that is protecting Alphas living in the human world. All members are Ex-US Army personnel. Zain is Azkin’s protector and also his best friend.
Protecting the Aztec Wolf who the rest of the world has been searching for during the last fourteen hundred years is not easy.
Protecting the Aztec Wolf, when he doesn’t know he is one, is even harder.

Aztecs Is a Mpreg mm romance.

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