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Awaken The Beast (Snakes Henchmen MC #10) by Alivia Grayson (ePUB)


Awaken The Beast (Snakes Henchmen MC #10) by Alivia Grayson (ePUB)
My name is VJ. You’ve heard of me. You were there when I was born, and you’ve seen the man I grew to become throughout the years. Everything you’ve seen and heard, and none of it good.
I’m a psychopath, or so they tell me.

I’m an evil, sadistic motherfu*ker, and I care not one sh*t about it.
When I met Chloe in a club after my release from prison, I had no clue she’d end up being my woman. I never wanted to claim anyone; I’m not capable of love. However, I do know obsession, and Chloe soon becomes just that, my new obsession.
When I find out there’s a connection between us that doesn’t involve s*x with each other, I want to kill every man I come into contact with. Finding out the man I almost beat to death and went to prison for is the same man who attacked Chloe months ago; I know I have to end him once and for all.
There is nothing I won’t do to avenge my girl – nothing I won’t do to protect her, and if that means killing every man who came before me, then so be it.
There is a reason they call me Beast, a reason the Mafia awakened the beast within. He’s worse than a monster, and he’s coming for those who should be dead already. Chloe is mine, and no one takes what’s mine!
I’ll protect her, and vanquish the monsters who haunt her. I only hope she isn’t caught in the crossfire….

Please be advised that this story contains graphic violence, strong language, and scenes of a sexual nature. This book contains violence against women and could cause triggers to some. Also, if you are easily offended, then this book is not for you.

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