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Accidental Roommate by Summer Brooks (ePUB)


Accidental Roommate by Summer Brooks (ePUB)
A commoner dating royalty.
That’s what we look like to the world.
But our relationship is a big fat lie.

I was his employee.
Then I became his pretend girlfriend.
We moved in together.
And now… I’m pregnant.
I never should have agreed to this ridiculous plan.
Alec Slade is a notorious billionaire playboy.
He doesn’t give non-supermodels the time of the day.
So, telling him that I’m pregnant is not an option.
Especially now that he said he’s going to propose to me.
Just for the sake of optics, of course.

It’s the moment of truth.
Him on one knee.
My hand in his.

“Will you marry me?”
If these four words are actually fake…
Then the word “yes” would cost me everything.

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