His Accidental Baby (Part One) by Paige North (ePUB)


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The night I meet the mysterious Noah Walker, I have no idea who he really is…

And if I’d known who he was, would I have done anything differently?

Would I have missed out on the most exciting, seductive, mind-blowing night of my life?

One night of passion, and it was clear we would never see each other again.

No numbers were exchanged. He never even told me his last name.

So we’re both equally shocked when he walks into my college classroom the next day. As it turns out, Noah Walker is actually Professor Walker, inventor of an educational app that sold for like a billion dollars.

He’s a genius, apparently. And he’s also my teacher. My rich, gorgeous teacher, who gave me the most amazing night of my life.

We agree it was a mistake, just a one-time thing. Except, it wasn’t. Because he can’t keep his hands off me.

Before long, he’s taking me into empty classrooms, hotels, any place he can be alone with me. Any place where he can make me his, again and again and again. Do things to my body and mind that I never knew were possible. Teach me things I never expected to learn, not in my wildest dreams.

But now he’s given me something way more important than an education. He’s given me a baby, one he doesn’t even know about yet.

Because if I tell him the truth, I know we’ll be destroyed.

I just need one more touch. One more night.

It’s just an accident, until it’s not anymore…

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