The McCallans: Series Box Set by Hadley Quinn (ePUB)


The McCallans: Series Box Set by Hadley Quinn (ePUB)
This is the complete set of the McCallan series. This box set includes: Kiss This, Tame This, Only This, Maybe This, and Saving This. Due to s*x and language, 18+ only)

What happens when you’re part of a legendary Hollywood family? More precisely, one you’d rather not be associated with?

Teague is the first McCallan to take a walk on the rebellious side in “Kiss This.” His life is a mix of dodging the spotlight and making amends with his past. Can a feisty Camryn Jacobs help him find the right balance?

Unfiltered, unruly Jay doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks of him. He’s got a bad boy reputation that no one wants to mess with, either. Life keeps hitting him hard, but he remains standing every time. But that heart of steel is untouchable until SHE makes him question everything he’s trying to resist in “Tame This.”

Tyse never knew his real family growing up. He didn’t have to deal with the Hollywood chaos like the others had. But this McCallan arrives with a whole new set of rules in “Only This.” Can he find a way to fit in but still remain true to himself?

Sometimes the only girl in a family of alpha men might get overlooked, but not Kellie in “Maybe This.” Combine a feisty, no-bull attitude with her bold, make-a-splash appearance and you’ve got an unforgettable woman with sass and class. But only if she can find a way to fix the way society has affected her life…

Max is the epitome of a Hollywood heartthrob, the golden boy that has made his celebrity mark countless times. He is either loved or hated, but you’ll have to decide for yourself what he deserves in “Saving This.”

Don’t miss this unique New Adult to Contemporary saga laced with sexy romances, mystery, deception, perception vs reality, family, and lots of humor!

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